Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Update

Well, well, well its been awhile. A lot has changed in my life thank God it was a positive change. My blog looks completely different I thought by changing it up a bit not only would it appeal more you all as my readers but to give myself a fresh start. I looked over my older posts and I'm going to keep it real I was in a dark place at the time and didn't know how to handle it. I've also noticed that mh page views have gone up to 300 and although many would say that's a small number in my eyes I hope people are able to pull from it whether it's from my angry rants or even a random update like this one. I know I'm supposed to leave a lesson today because that's the blogs name and that's what people come to my page for.

You know where you're at the point where you have no more to give to a person like you're completely out? We'll its a dark place that seems to have no light. I'm going to get a little personal that was the place I was in but through the grace of God I was able to make it through I'm telling you I did everything willingly possible to try to amend this relationship with one of my parents and things just never worked out. Taking to this person was draining and it was like going in a round about and it never ended even the slightest bit of a conversation would turn into a disaster and I was completely over it. Getting to the point I guess what my point is that when you see that in whatever sort of relationship it is whether it's romantic, family, friendly etc if it's not getting any better and it's draining all of your energy and you've given it many chances it's time to cut it off. Sadly in my case it was a family relation. Although they say you can pick your friends and not your family I feel that quote is met with you at face value and face value only. It's a little more complex. I can't choose who I'm related to but I can pick how I interact with them. Those are the types of relationships that are toxic and they never change. You're at the point where you want this person to change for the better of the relationship but it's just not working because the other person isn't trying. At the point it's time to cut it off. That's just how things work. You accept it and move on and continue on with what you're doing.

I think I'm Pretty much done, excuse the typos I'm on my IPad which isn't the best editor but at least it's a post.

Stay blessed

Thursday, October 1, 2015


I want to interact with my readers. Somehow I will find something for you all to post on.
-The whole comment thing is going to be about ideas you all would like my opinion on. I will keep it PG. On that note I again want to interact with you all so please don't act ignorant.
(I know that people are ignorant so I have to state rules)
-I do not want anything vulgar. If I see anything vulgar I will make sure to block your ass.
-No arguing.
-Don't try to educate me on things when you yourself don't even know about the topic. It makes you look really ignorant.
-No Spam. I dislike spam.
-No weird links. I don't want my readers to somehow get a virus.
-No porn links. Enough said. I don't want it on my blog.
-I also don't want you all to post shout outs. I don't want to know your Instagram, Twitter Etc names. That your business not mine.
-Don't comment something ignorant.
Stay Positive.Xx

The Curriculum

This is a rant. I'm going to say a few personal things about myself. Now I live in America. That meaning that I have gone to school and I'm still in school. 

The curriculum is horrible. It takes things that are used in high school and breaks it down so that kids as young as 5 are learning things needed for high school. For example in the curriculum it includes Algebra. Now I know that in the field that I want to go in I won't need to use Algebra. But its a must to pass. I'm going to be very blunt about this. When in the hell will we need to find "X"? Most of the time never. Its pathetic. I can't sign myself into a hospital but I can help you find the term "X". Complete bullshit. Algebra shouldn't even be included in the curriculum. Its useless. Now if you asked me I would ask the children what field they would like to go into (At ages starting at 13. The kids are then able to make their own decision.) and after that they would be assigned the classes needed for the type of field. But of course people who are taking care of the curriculum don't think that way. I am going to be honest. I can't write in cursive. Yet I'm learning how to solve "X". Through the years that I've been in school I can tell you that I have never learned how to write in cursive. Now knowing that I do sign things I only know how to write my name. Its sad. We don't learn the things that we actually need in life. Now another sick thing about this curriculum and now I'm talking to especially the children. If you yourself are getting bad grades the state is already grouping you together. The groups you may ask? Its the ones who are going to be successful and the ones who are going to either end up dead or in prison. Its sickening. The grades tell them whether a child is going to be successful or not. Statistics and percentages. Now to add to all of that. You know those test's labeled as important tests. Those tests judge whether the school gets money. Those test are complete bullshit. They are again testing you on whether you are going to be successful or unsuccessful. To put it all together the curriculum is based on greed. The children are basically a cover up of it all. 
End of my rant. 

Now yes I ranted. This may not have been a lesson but to some it may have. I have always wanted to express my opinion on this. My views may not go along with yours but that's okay. I'm still going to express my opinion. 

Stay Positive.Xx

Monday, September 7, 2015

It'll Workout

Now yes this may seem like a very cliche topic but it is true. 

When ever you feel like you have no other choices. Just know that things can turn around when you least expect it. Whether the situation has to do with Work, School, Family or even Self. It will turn around. Trust me there were many tines when I felt like everything was going downhill. Everything also happens for a reason. Situation that may seem like shit and probably are shit will make you a better person. 
I know this is short but I've been busy with classes. 
Stay Positive.Xx

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Society in my own interpretation is what people and things want you to feel. Don't let society tell you what is wrong and what is right. Examples:Magazines, Celebrities, Blogs that have negativity, (My blog tries to share positive energy.)Anything negative. Please don't compare yourselves to others just be who you are. I'm not putting anyone down in this blog post. I'm not putting down celebrities or people I'm just stating something that's probably been said many times. You will probably see this many times in your life but just do what you do and don't let negativity get to you.
So this is the end of this post and I'm gonna say that thank you for taking time and reading my blog. 
I know its pretty short but I wanted to publish a post about a serious topic. 
Stay positive.Xx

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Announcements and Disclaimer

I've made some changes to this blog. I've looked through my blog and I noticed that my older posts weren't well written. So I've deleted a few and I've edited a few.
I hope that people will still enjoy my blog or at least read it. I've also been very inactive that will change.
Before I start making certain posts I want to warn you. I will swear a few times in posts. But it'll mostly stay PG. I've also decided to step my blog up a bit and discuss political things, Social things and anything that I want to share my opinion on. Its my opinion. I can share it.
Also I will still talk about lessons. But i'll also talk about things that bother me. So I'm getting a bit personal.
Stay positive. Xx

Saturday, July 25, 2015


This lesson is about communication.
Communication expresses ideas. (My definition)
Communication from Wikipedia's perspective means the "activity of conveying meaning through a shared system of signs and semiotic rules."{Credit
Summing my definition up  communication means the expression one person feels and they tell someone or something about how they feel. Yes I know I did say something because some people have different ways of expressing themselves. For this post I'm using my definition of communication. Lets go with a mainstream topic like a relationship between a couple. So on person (J) feels that they want to go to the movies with the other person(L). 
So lets say J wants to go to the movies with L because J saw a trailer for a thriller they want to see. So J proposes the idea of going to the movies with L and J mentions that it will be a thriller. L is really not interested in going to the movies to see a thriller. But none of the less L says yes. *Fake buzzer Cue here* L could have just told J that they don't really want to see the Thriller. Now yes I know its just a movie. I'm just using it as a example. L could have told J that they weren't really interested. Then they could have discussed a movie that would suit both of them. 
Yes its cliche but its just a example. 
Communication is very important. 
Stay positive. Xx.