Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Curriculum

This is a rant. I'm going to say a few personal things about myself. Now I live in America. That meaning that I have gone to school and I'm still in school. 

The curriculum is horrible. It takes things that are used in high school and breaks it down so that kids as young as 5 are learning things needed for high school. For example in the curriculum it includes Algebra. Now I know that in the field that I want to go in I won't need to use Algebra. But its a must to pass. I'm going to be very blunt about this. When in the hell will we need to find "X"? Most of the time never. Its pathetic. I can't sign myself into a hospital but I can help you find the term "X". Complete bullshit. Algebra shouldn't even be included in the curriculum. Its useless. Now if you asked me I would ask the children what field they would like to go into (At ages starting at 13. The kids are then able to make their own decision.) and after that they would be assigned the classes needed for the type of field. But of course people who are taking care of the curriculum don't think that way. I am going to be honest. I can't write in cursive. Yet I'm learning how to solve "X". Through the years that I've been in school I can tell you that I have never learned how to write in cursive. Now knowing that I do sign things I only know how to write my name. Its sad. We don't learn the things that we actually need in life. Now another sick thing about this curriculum and now I'm talking to especially the children. If you yourself are getting bad grades the state is already grouping you together. The groups you may ask? Its the ones who are going to be successful and the ones who are going to either end up dead or in prison. Its sickening. The grades tell them whether a child is going to be successful or not. Statistics and percentages. Now to add to all of that. You know those test's labeled as important tests. Those tests judge whether the school gets money. Those test are complete bullshit. They are again testing you on whether you are going to be successful or unsuccessful. To put it all together the curriculum is based on greed. The children are basically a cover up of it all. 
End of my rant. 

Now yes I ranted. This may not have been a lesson but to some it may have. I have always wanted to express my opinion on this. My views may not go along with yours but that's okay. I'm still going to express my opinion. 

Stay Positive.Xx

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