Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Update

Well, well, well its been awhile. A lot has changed in my life thank God it was a positive change. My blog looks completely different I thought by changing it up a bit not only would it appeal more you all as my readers but to give myself a fresh start. I looked over my older posts and I'm going to keep it real I was in a dark place at the time and didn't know how to handle it. I've also noticed that mh page views have gone up to 300 and although many would say that's a small number in my eyes I hope people are able to pull from it whether it's from my angry rants or even a random update like this one. I know I'm supposed to leave a lesson today because that's the blogs name and that's what people come to my page for.

You know where you're at the point where you have no more to give to a person like you're completely out? We'll its a dark place that seems to have no light. I'm going to get a little personal that was the place I was in but through the grace of God I was able to make it through I'm telling you I did everything willingly possible to try to amend this relationship with one of my parents and things just never worked out. Taking to this person was draining and it was like going in a round about and it never ended even the slightest bit of a conversation would turn into a disaster and I was completely over it. Getting to the point I guess what my point is that when you see that in whatever sort of relationship it is whether it's romantic, family, friendly etc if it's not getting any better and it's draining all of your energy and you've given it many chances it's time to cut it off. Sadly in my case it was a family relation. Although they say you can pick your friends and not your family I feel that quote is met with you at face value and face value only. It's a little more complex. I can't choose who I'm related to but I can pick how I interact with them. Those are the types of relationships that are toxic and they never change. You're at the point where you want this person to change for the better of the relationship but it's just not working because the other person isn't trying. At the point it's time to cut it off. That's just how things work. You accept it and move on and continue on with what you're doing.

I think I'm Pretty much done, excuse the typos I'm on my IPad which isn't the best editor but at least it's a post.

Stay blessed

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