Sunday, July 26, 2015

Announcements and Disclaimer

I've made some changes to this blog. I've looked through my blog and I noticed that my older posts weren't well written. So I've deleted a few and I've edited a few.
I hope that people will still enjoy my blog or at least read it. I've also been very inactive that will change.
Before I start making certain posts I want to warn you. I will swear a few times in posts. But it'll mostly stay PG. I've also decided to step my blog up a bit and discuss political things, Social things and anything that I want to share my opinion on. Its my opinion. I can share it.
Also I will still talk about lessons. But i'll also talk about things that bother me. So I'm getting a bit personal.
Stay positive. Xx

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I want to interact with my readers. Somehow I will find something for you all to post on.
-The whole comment thing is going to be about ideas you all would like my opinion on. I will keep it PG. On that note I again want to interact with you all so please don't act ignorant.
(I know that people are ignorant so I have to state rules)
-I do not want anything vulgar. If I see anything vulgar I will make sure to block your ass.
-No arguing.
-Don't try to educate me on things when you yourself don't even know about the topic. It makes you look really ignorant.
-No Spam. I dislike spam.
-No weird links. I don't want my readers to somehow get a virus.
-No porn links. Enough said. I don't want it on my blog.
-I also don't want you all to post shout outs. I don't want to know your Instagram, Twitter Etc names. That your business not mine.
-Don't comment something ignorant.
If you abide by my rules you will get your questions answered.
Stay Positive.Xx