Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Society in my own interpretation is what people and things want you to feel. Don't let society tell you what is wrong and what is right. Examples:Magazines, Celebrities, Blogs that have negativity, (My blog tries to share positive energy.)Anything negative. Please don't compare yourselves to others just be who you are. I'm not putting anyone down in this blog post. I'm not putting down celebrities or people I'm just stating something that's probably been said many times. You will probably see this many times in your life but just do what you do and don't let negativity get to you.
So this is the end of this post and I'm gonna say that thank you for taking time and reading my blog. 
I know its pretty short but I wanted to publish a post about a serious topic. 
Stay positive.Xx

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-The whole comment thing is going to be about ideas you all would like my opinion on. I will keep it PG. On that note I again want to interact with you all so please don't act ignorant.
(I know that people are ignorant so I have to state rules)
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-Don't comment something ignorant.
If you abide by my rules you will get your questions answered.
Stay Positive.Xx