Saturday, July 25, 2015


This lesson is about communication.
Communication expresses ideas. (My definition)
Communication from Wikipedia's perspective means the "activity of conveying meaning through a shared system of signs and semiotic rules."{Credit
Summing my definition up  communication means the expression one person feels and they tell someone or something about how they feel. Yes I know I did say something because some people have different ways of expressing themselves. For this post I'm using my definition of communication. Lets go with a mainstream topic like a relationship between a couple. So on person (J) feels that they want to go to the movies with the other person(L). 
So lets say J wants to go to the movies with L because J saw a trailer for a thriller they want to see. So J proposes the idea of going to the movies with L and J mentions that it will be a thriller. L is really not interested in going to the movies to see a thriller. But none of the less L says yes. *Fake buzzer Cue here* L could have just told J that they don't really want to see the Thriller. Now yes I know its just a movie. I'm just using it as a example. L could have told J that they weren't really interested. Then they could have discussed a movie that would suit both of them. 
Yes its cliche but its just a example. 
Communication is very important. 
Stay positive. Xx. 

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