Saturday, May 2, 2015

The lesson of being thankful

This post will be short because there is really no need to elaborate on it because its pretty much straight to the point. So say for a example you want something like shoes that are really popular and what you get is a different pair of shoes. You should be thankful for that, Complaining about not getting the "perfect" pair of shoes is just selfish. That person who got you those shoes did what they had to do and at the end of the day you have shoes. Lets go from materialistic things to emotional things like love. Just because someone might not pay attention to you does not mean that you revert to the first assumption which is that the other is cheating or they don't love you anymore. I'm not saying that you should completely forget about it but put it on the back burner and think of other things than the mainstream ideas. Maybe that person is dealing with themselves internally or maybe somethings bothering them. Talk to that person and find out whats going on. But saying all of that just sums up to the main lesson which is just being thankful.

I really didn't work to hard on this one but I'm trying. 
Stay positive. Xx

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