Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Well it has been a while and I'm not going to say that I'm fully back but I will post sometimes. So I am not going to do those header things anymore its just going to go straight into it. So Hi people who read my weird blog. I got bored and I went back through my old posts and wow I cringed a lot. Like not the tiny cringe but the full fledged Dan Howell cringe and even writing this makes me cringe. But about the "lesson". Well my lesson would be don't let negativity get to you. Which seems like a very basic lesson but I'm fresh out of ideas. So I'm going to go more into this topic which is negativity.
Negativity in my words would be a negative energy from things like people, objects, spirits or anything that just doesn't feel right. So if you're dealing with negativity just don't let it consume your life because it will take a toll on you and you'll start to evolve around it. You'll even start thinking the way the negative people think. You'll make up scenarios that probably wont even happen but you'll believe it. Believe it or not you will crave negativity because you are evolved around it. Example: When someone complaints you on something like a accomplishment or a outfit that you are wearing, You first doubt them and start picking out flaws like "No this outfit makes me look chubby" (Disclaimer-I will use the word chubby because the word fat just really annoys me it is a very offensive word)  or even "Yeah I do have a B in math but I could have gotten a better grade". Don't put yourself down. (I tried to come up with examples that people could try to relate to.) Negativity will effect you and even though you guys are strangers to me I don't want to see someone suffer from negativity.
Stay positive. Xx

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